Ukrainian Brides

I am getting a lot of questions at the moment with the unrest and threat of civil war in Ukraine and the violent demonstrations and deaths in Kiev.

Watch live feed of demonstrations in Kiev here

Should you be worried about traveling to the Ukraine to find your perfect Ukrainian bride? My advice- keep corresponding with your potential bride but perhaps postpone your travel arrangements until the unrest has subsided. Avoid Kiev meantime as this is where the protests are centered. Sure there were peaceful protests in some of the other larger cities a month or so back, but these were just peaceful gatherings outside of  their government building in those cities.

Kiev’s main International airport, Boryspil is some 35Km from Kiev and about the same in traveling time so is well out of the present conflict zone and you should have no problems if your flight arrives or transits through the capital city. It would be prudent though to check on your embassies website before departure for their latest travel alert, check with your airline or travel agent, or just use Google to get the latest safety alerts and updates on travel recommendation at the time.

Depending on how far you are in correspodence with your future Ukrainian bride then perhaps arrange for her to visit your country instead at this present time of turmoil in her home country. Of course be wary of fraud especially if you are not working through an agency or have not been corresponding with her for some time. Don’t just wire money for her ticket as you may never see her or your money again.

My prediction is that with all this unrest and turmoil, once again many beautiful women, who have never considered it before, will be considering  being a Ukrainian bride so the opportunities abound for us in the near future.

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