Are Ukrainian Women still looking to get out at any cost?

I am often asked if Ukrainian women are still looking to get out of Ukraine at any cost. Despite what you may read on the internet and information from mail order bride, Ukrainian brides, and Russian brides websites that beautiful girls and women are queuing up to get out of their country at any cost, the standard of living and the lifestyle is not so bad there at all nowadays. It is not like it used to be with them queuing 2 hours just for a loaf of bread after working all day.

With the invention of the internet and them being able to earn US dollars or Euro they can have a great lifestyle. Every young male you talk to in Ukraine it seems is a computer expert. They know English well enough and it well known that Ukraine has some of the best hackers in the world.  When I last visited, I thought my blog back home was down as I could not reach it from a cafe. Turns out my blog was fine all along and it was just the IP range was blocked by my hosting provider as many are due to repeated hacking attempts from the Ukraine.

Whilst many are poor compared to our western standards, all the women dress nicely, very nicely in fact. You can easily tell a tourist in Ukraine as he is the one whose head is constantly turning to watch these beautiful women in the shortest of miniskirts or low cut tops walking past everywhere seemingly oblivious to his stares, while the local men do not even seem to notice. Unbelievable. Ukrainian women tell me that Ukrainian men just want to have fun, drink and not have a serious relationship, so they have decided to look at the western world for a husband.

Ukrainian women have great values. They keep themselves looking good, take pride in their appearance and generally keep fit. They are also great cooks and their apartments are immaculate. You may see photos of apartment blocks that look old and uninspiring but once you are inside it is a completely different matter. They are wonderful homemakers with old fashioned values. Still on the plus side, with these old fashioned values they will be faithful and forsake all others. Every man’s dream really.

You still need to be reasonable husband material. Looks are not important so you are fortunate there if you are not Brad Pitt, but you must treat them better than they are treated now. This fortunately is not hard. You do not need to be wealthy although of course this will always help as with dating a woman anywhere. Just treat the woman with a little respect and you will be wonderful in their eyes and she will quickly fall in love with this wonderful foreign man.

While it is still possible to find many hundreds, and maybe thousands of beautiful women who seek a better life in western society they are no longer desperate to get out of their country all costs.

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