What should I get her for Christmas?

Hey guys, its not too late. You still have time to rush and out buy something on Christmas Eve for your date, girlfriend, wife or significant other.

Only you can judge what value of gift you should buy, but here’s a hint.- don’t be too stingy. We all know that dreaded feeling of opening a present from someone to discover they have spent well more than your lame present you got them. Every relationship is different and you just have to read the signs and read between the lines in the days leading up to Xmas to know what and how much to spend unless you are far enough along in your relationship to have discussed such matters.

If you don’t have much money that’s fine. Make her something special with your time. Often she will appreciate that much more than something she knows you just rushed out and bought at the last minute. A voucher for a nice massage is (easily whipped up on the computer and printed out) by yours truly of course, and with or without the offer of a happy ending depending on where you are with the relationship. Do it properly and you will be sure to have one anyways. Sometimes just a picnic or a special day out is all that is needed.

Ask her friends what she might like but remember this is only advice and often their opinion will be tainted by what they themselves want for Christmas and how well they like her or how jealous they are of your relationship and a number of other reasons only known to women. Use the advice as a guide only and get more than one opinion. If two or three suggest the same thing you might be on to a winner here.

Remember probably the most important thing you can give her is your attention and kindness, love and support. Material things are not always important. While we are at it if you have kids the most important thing you can give them is your time. That is what they will always remember most.

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow guys.

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