What Women Want

What do women want in a man? An age old question. It seems that there are a myriad of myths and beliefs out there, some of which may even be true or at least partly true. Men tend to over-think things, everything!

We imagine for a woman to be attracted to us, we need to be great looking, carrying a six pack, drive a great car, have a wicked sense of humor that can make her laugh in any situation at the drop of a hat, approved by all her friends and her parents, at all times dress like you are in a movie, and have a few billion in the bank. While any, several, or all of these certainly won’t do you any harm to find that woman of your dreams, it’s not what most women are looking for in a potential mate. Sure some are, and there is a name for those, and sure many will be tempted by these (wouldn’t anyone), but who would believe they are not on the top of a woman’s shopping list when seeking a partner. Turns out they really just want someone who listens to them. Someone who makes them feel secure. Someone who can make them laugh and have a good time with- this good time doesn’t necessarily have to involve a private jet. Someone they can depend on, in short someone who makes them feel ‘safe’

Woman don’t think like we do. The sooner you can get your head around that the better. Forget what you think you know about them and how they think. Woman are different- period. What’s the old joke? You can’t understand a woman. Women understand women, that’s why they don’t like each other 🙂 You don’t need to try and understand how they think, just get your head around the fact that they are, and think different, to the male species. Don’t try and understand it, just accept it. They want someone who listens and to share their problems with. They are not expecting you to solve the problem, which of course is a male’s first instinct and desire. It’s not why they are telling us the problem. Get your head around that. Think of it as venting their frustrations about something. We all know we feel better after doing that. Women are not expecting you to fix the issue, just someone who listen and at least appears to care.

Get your head around this difference and you are well on the way to finding a future partner.

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