Writing a Profile That Makes You Stand Out

Writing a profile that makes you stand out and sure to get a flood of responses.

Last week we covered the fact that you need a good profile photo. But of course a photo won’t do it on it’s own. Unless you are a well known movie star of course, but then no one will believe your profile is real anyway. So, once you have a good selection of photos prepared and ready for your profile, you need to have a good think about what you are actually going to say in your profile.

If you have used a dating site before, you will already have some idea of what they want to know and some likely categories, but all the dating sites are different. Some very basic, basically describe yourself and in the other section describe the woman you want. Pretty straightforward. Other dating sites ask way too much such as the music you like, last movie you saw, and do you prefer to watch at the cinema or at home and all sorts of information. We wouldn’t get too concerned with all these small questions and categories if the site you are going to list on has. Take a look at some profiles first. Most dating sites will let you take a little look around before you have to sign up, but not all. Some will let you save the minimum and add later, some insist that you fill out everything before letting you save or continuing at all. You are pretty much at the mercy of their system.

Personally we think that any site that won’t let you take a bit of a look around before having to fill out your full profile is probably a little dodgy…especially if you need to hand over your credit card details to even take a look around. However pretty much like almost all websites these days, they want to capture enough information so they can spam you if you don’t go further, or decide not to pay their outrageous monthly fees when you find out that all their women on the site are fakes.

You need to take your time and have something prepared which tells a bit about you and other for the type of woman you are looking for. You can then tailor these to suit or break up into the sections they require, or there is nothing wrong with filling in these other sections with something like you will fill this section out shortly. You almost always can’t leave these blank, but no one looks at the text so you can just paste in the text “I will fill this out soon” or similar., or pad out if it requires a certain minimum of characters.

Remember like your photo, you have really only one change to get this right and a few lines for her to form an impression of whether she wants to read further or not, so you need to take your time and make it good.

We think it is a good idea to convey that you are serious about finding and following through. Many, both men and women, will probably have already experienced corresponding with someone who is really not committed and has no intention to either travel to the woman’s country to actually meet, or the woman actually has no intention to leave her friends and family and seek a life in another country. It is better to get this out in the open from the start.

Be honest and straightforward. Short sentences if it is a foreign wife you are looking for who for whom English is her second language, or who is using a translator such as Google translate, and anything too long can easily get translated as almost gibberish, or sometimes as the exact opposite you want you meant and thought you had said when translated.

More on the actual content next week.


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2 Responses to Writing a Profile That Makes You Stand Out

  1. klaudia says:

    Funny profiles always catch my attention. I agree, you do need to stand out somehow from the hundreds of others on there. Be bold. You can always rewrite your content if you don’t pull

  2. willy says:

    please give us some more tips on how to write a profile that stands out. Anything new to make my dating profile get more replies that are not bots or scammers

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