Your Second Ukrainian Date

Following on from our post on your first Ukrainian date, where to go, what to say, what to avoid saying… Your first date went well. She seems to like you, or at least didn’t walk out during your first meeting. What to arrange for the next meeting?

Before I forget, and more importantly, before you forget, remember to take a small gift for her on every meeting. It needn’t be much, and especially does not need to cost much, but it is important to always give her a little something when you meet each time. Maybe a flower, a single flower is fine especially when you know what her favourite flower is. One is fine, but remember if giving more than one to always make it an odd number. Maybe a small box of chocolates. Fine chocolates are very reasonably priced and can be bought in many stores, malls or supermarkets everywhere. Or maybe a good plan is to take a few souvenir type gifts that you bought from home and threw in your suitcase in preparation. She will like to try something different and especially if they are unique to your country. It will also show that you were thinking of her before you left, and thought enough to get them before you left your country, even if it was a last minute thing at the duty free at the airport on your way out.

Your prospective Ukrainian date is very proud of her heritage, culture and her country and city in which she lives. She would love to show you the sights around her city. This will be a great chance to experience her culture and you don’t need to worry about getting lost because you can’t read the signs not only written in a foreign language which you don’t understand, but with what seems like an inordinate amount of extra strange looking letters which you have never seen before. Some things are international though and you will soon see words that you recognise or work out rather quickly that while they seem to spell bank with an odd letter, that they are everywhere, and it is pretty obvious that word is Bank in their language. Many spoken words to can be pretty obvious such as they way they say coffee or internet or mobile and you can guess what their word for tea stands for. Anyway no worries about using the daunting mini buses, taxis or public transport as you would on your own as you have a native speaker who knows it all to guide you around.

Dress for the season and take a wander around the wonderful parks, fountains and monuments everywhere. Take coffee and a sweet treat at one of their wonderful cafes. Outside seating will only be there in summer so if you go too early in spring you will have trouble finding any outdoor seating even though it may be a nice day and appear warm enough.

Keep the conversation light and have fun. Get to know her as she really is. The day will fly by and you want it to be pleasurable for both of you so that she is keen to meet up again tomorrow.

Remember too that unless she has been able to arrange time off from work for your entire stay, that she may have work and other comittments as well, but of course she will endeavour to spend as much time as possible with you if she wants to.

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